NEXT believes that training is a fundamental activity since it helps the improvement and supports the staff while precisely and proficiently carrying out the assigned duties.

Information Technology has been supporting every small or big creation of human intelligence, and it is developing very quickly.

Therefore there is the need to constantly and harmoniously manage such a changing process in order to be ready to efficiently combine the advantages of innovation and the solidity of tradition.

We give our personnel all the necessary skills to reach this essential goal and to successfully manage the impact of the continuous technological change.

Training is the strategic support to simplify the process of changing and to monitor its development. Personnel are the fundamental asset for our company, the key of our success.

In NEXT, training is an established and consolidated process. Every year we settle a specific Training Plan whose principal activities are:

• Identify the necessary training to satisfy company, organization and project’s needs;
• Plan and settle the training activities to satisfy such requests;
• Learn and manage the educational material (texts, demos, software tools, exercising data base) and keep a high level of training skill;
• Provide the training activities;
• Evaluate the provided training effectiveness.